Yellow Brick House

Wish List

At this time, we are only accepting donations of these:

Urgently Needed Items:

– Brand New Items Only –

  • ⚠️Unisex Clothing (T-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans and joggers – size M-XL)
  • ⚠️Unisex pajamas (plain, non-holiday pattens – size M-XL)
  • ⚠️Sneakers (women size 6, 8, 9, and teen sizes)
  • ⚠️Girls’ dresses
  • ⚠️Children’s sneakers (teen size
  • ⚠️Sports bra (all sizes teens and adults)
  • ⚠️Pillows
  • ⚠️Bathmats & Robes
  • ⚠️Good Start Plus #2 Baby Formula
  • ⚠️Electric kettles and toasters
  • ⚠️Large frying pans (12”) and large pots (3-4 qts)
  • ⚠️Bowls and casserole dishes
  • ⚠️Cake pans and baking sheets
  • ⚠️Tupperware
  • ⚠️Dish sets
  • ⚠️Cutleries
  • ⚠️Glasses and mugs

Desired Items:

– Brand New Items Only –

  • Retail gift cards – Amazon, PC, Walmart
  • Presto cards
  • Gas cards
  • Chatr phone cards
  • Non-perishable food with minimum 3 months shelf life
  • Gluten-free, lactose-free products (pasta, almond milk, etc.)
  • Cooking oil and spices
  • Laundry pods and dryer sheets – prefer “scent free and gentle”
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Small kitchen appliances – mini microwaves, toasters and kettles
  • Air mattresses – twin and queen sizes with built-in air pump
  • Pillows and bed sets
  • Women’s and children’s clothes and shoes (all sizes)
  • Women’s business wear (all sizes)
  • Baby (0-24m) onesies, outfits, socks
  • Women’s and children’s underwear (bras all sizes except DD)
  • Maternity clothes (all sizes)
  • Backpacks and lunch bags (JK to Grade 12)
  • School snacks and juicy boxes
  • Baby formula (powder & liquid)
  • Baby food and cereal
  • Newborn supplies – crib sheets, bath towels, swaddling blankets, bottle sterilizers & bottles, diaper bags, baby carrier, and baby alarms
  • Portable playpens & activity play mats
  • Strollers, especially double strollers
  • Car Seats

Due to limited storage space and our commitment to maintaining health and safety standards, we are currently only able to accept items that are brand new and in unopened packages

Before dropping off your donation, kindly complete the Donation Form and send it to In your email, please provide an approximate date and time for your drop-off. It is important to note that all donations should be delivered to our Richmond Hill Office, located at Unit 4, 52 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill. Our receiving hours are from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm, excluding holidays. For the safety and well-being of our recipients, we can only accept new items, and any items left outside our premises will be disposed of. Your understanding and support in adhering to these guidelines are greatly appreciated.

With a click of a button, purchase and donate urgent items on Amazon in support of Yellow Brick House. Deliveries can be accepted 9 am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, except holidays. All deliveries shipped to 52 West Beaver Creek, Unit 4, Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Empower Change, Make a Lasting Impact:

While in-kind donations are valuable, financial contributions offer us the flexibility to allocate funds to critical areas, including shelter, counseling, advocacy, and support programs. When you choose to donate financially to Yellow Brick House, you are making a direct and impactful contribution that allows us to provide essential services to individuals and families in need. Your financial support enables us to allocate resources where they are most urgently required, ensuring we can adapt to evolving needs and deliver solutions efficiently. Join us in creating positive change by making a financial contribution Today. Together, we can build a safer and brighter future for individuals and families affected by violence.

Check out our partner The Bargains Group for some of the items on our list. Not only do they provide wholesale discounts that can help you buy more for less, they’ll even include extra donations to Yellow Brick House with every purchase!

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