Yellow Brick House

The Gift of a Lifetime:

Including Yellow Brick House in your Estate

Writing your will is a deeply personal act. It’s more than an instruction manual to those you leave behind, it’s a statement of values. In a relatively short document, and hidden among the required legalese, is the story of who – and what – is important to you.

Yellow Brick House has been honoured to be the recipient of continuous generosity over the years, and we are humbled and inspired by the people who have chosen to include the women and children we help as a part of their legacy.

If you’re thinking about the story of your life – and you want it to include help for the women and children supported by Yellow Brick House – we’d be happy to start that conversation with you.

Contact, or call 905.709.0900 Ext. 2255.

Consider your Legacy:

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There are many ways to structure your support. Most simply include an indication in their will, and are happy to know that their support will keep the heart of Yellow Brick House beating.

Others who are more deeply connected
to our organization or our cause, may consider the impact they’d like to have or the people they’d like to  remember.

Consider creating a Fund in your name or that of a loved one*

Create an endowment to provide ongoing support in perpetuity*

Consider dedicating a space within Yellow Brick House in your name, your family’s name, or that of someone you love.*

* NOTE: Named funds, endowments and dedications must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors of Yellow Brick House and require signed agreements and documentation.

It’s easy to make the Gift of Your Lifetime. And it’s a beautiful way to continue your life story.

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