Yellow Brick House

The Gift of a Lifetime:

Leave a lasting legacy of support by including us in your estate plans, ensuring your commitment to our cause lives on for generations to come

Welcome to Yellow Brick House’s Legacy Giving Program

A pathway to creating a lasting impact on the lives of survivors of domestic violence. As you explore the diverse ways to give, from qualified charitable distributions to real estate contributions, envision leaving a legacy of hope that extends far beyond your lifetime. Your generosity can transform the trajectory of countless lives, ensuring a future free from violence and fear. Join us in building a legacy of empowerment, healing, and resilience.

Ways to Contribute:

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Stocks/Securities: Transform your financial assets into a force for good by donating stocks or securities. This method not only supports our cause but may also offer you potential tax benefits.

Life Insurance/Annuities: Designate Yellow Brick House as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy or annuity, ensuring that your commitment to rebuilding live of survivors of domestic violence.

Last Will and Testament Bequest: Consider including Yellow Brick House in your Last Will and Testament, specifying a bequest that will support our mission. This timeless commitment ensures your values live on, creating a safer and brighter future for survivors.

How to Get Started:

Consult with Professionals:

Before making decisions, consult with financial and legal advisors to explore options that align with your personal and financial goals. If you are in need of professional guidance, we are more than happy to provide referrals to trusted experts who can assist you in navigating this important process.

Inform Yellow Brick House:

Please inform us of your legacy gift intentions. Your openness allows us to express our gratitude and ensures that your wishes are honored.

Recognition and Ongoing Impact:

Legacy donors are valued members of our Legacy Circle, enjoying recognition for your commitment. Your enduring impact will be celebrated and remembered.

By choosing Legacy Giving, you become an integral part of our mission to end domestic violence. Your thoughtful contribution ensures a brighter, safer future for those we serve.

For more information, please contact, or call 905.709.0900. 

Thank you for considering Yellow Brick House in your legacy plans. Together, we can create a world where everyone has the right to live free from violence and fear.

* NOTE: Named funds, endowments and dedications must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors of Yellow Brick House and require signed agreements and documentation.

It’s easy to make the Gift of Your Lifetime. And it’s a beautiful way to continue your life story.