Yellow Brick House

Darya’s Story

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Before I came to Yellow Brick House, I was trapped in a verbally, physically, spiritually and financially abusive relationship with my husband. I was 18 when we were married. We now have five children between the ages of three and thirteen.

Before we were married, I was happy and outgoing. I loved school and wanted to become a social worker, but my husband’s belittling made me believe that I was “stupid, ungrateful, ugly, and good for nothing“.

His words were imprinted on my soul.

When he allowed me and the children to visit my parents for Eid, I called Yellow Brick House from their home for support and was able to flee that day.

It has been difficult to remember the confident, intelligent person I was before I married, but through counselling and consistent support from staff I have regained much of my self-assurance.

I have been accepted to the Social Service Worker program at Seneca and found housing for myself and my children that is close to my family.

I am determined to move forward and give my family a peaceful, successful life, and I am forever grateful to Yellow Brick House for giving me this chance.

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