Yellow Brick House

About Us


Freedom from violence.
Equality for all.

Yellow Brick House provides life-saving services and prevention programs to meet the diverse needs of individuals, families, and communities impacted by violence.

For generations, women have experienced personal, societal, and institutional abuse, discrimination, and oppression. Women often receive less education, have less access to information, earn less money and have less input into government and governance structures. Women are disadvantaged as a group and disempowered individually. The personal and social context of each woman’s life will influence, if not determine, the particular barriers and disadvantages she faces throughout her life. This world view is based on a sexist, or male supremist, perspective – i.e., a belief that men are superior to women. It promotes a pattern of male aggression and female submission.

Violence and abuse against women and children reflect and reinforce the power imbalance between men and women. It is an expression of women’s disadvantaged status and a coercive tool used to ensure its perpetuation.

Violence and abuse serves to control women and protect male power, as evidenced by the fact that the overwhelming majority of victims are women while offenders/perpetrators are most often, though not exclusively, men.

Yellow Brick House is committed to challenging and eradicating the beliefs, values, systems and structures which support and perpetuate sexism and violence against women. To this end, the organization, its Board of Directors, employees, and service volunteers shall:

Promote and respect diversity, equity, and inclusivity

Demonstrate respect for the abilities, opinions, and needs of women and children

Demonstrate an overarching commitment to confidentiality and safety in relation to the women and children we serve

Bring integrity and compassion to all that we do.

With the support of our amazing community members like you, our dedicated staff provide life-saving services for women and children escaping domestic violence in York Region.

Our services are free, confidential and available in 31 languages.

Right now, and every single day, there are families rebuilding their lives under the roof of Yellow Brick House. They come from many different backgrounds, locations, and life stages, but they are united by their terrifying reality: leaving a dangerous – even deadly – home with the will to survive and the hope they will thrive.

The real story of Yellow Brick House is told through these families. It is about empowering women and children to rebuild their lives, giving voice to the untold stories of violence in our community, raising awareness about the need for change, and moving our community forward to end violence against women and children.

We encourage you to join us in our vision.
We can’t do it alone.