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Public Education

Classroom/group Workshops:

Trained facilitators provide workshops specifically designed for students in Grades 7 – 12.

These dynamic and interactive workshops cover any of the topics offered under the Healthy Relationships menu.

Download Workshop Menu (Co-Ed) Elementary School Workshop Menu  |  (Co-Ed) High Schools Workshop Menu | Elementary Workshop Menu for Young Men |  High School Workshop Menu for Young Men

Download Healthy relationships booklet (PDF)

Online request for workshops form


Online Module

For teaching professionals who would like to facilitate discussion about Healthy Relationships with their students.

This innovative on-line tool involves completing training modules on abuse and healthy relationships.  Upon successful completion of modules you gain access to 10 downloadable lesson plans for ages 13-17.  These plans provide discussion prompts, activities and resources specific to the topic of interest.

Click here to login to the course or register.

Funding for this unique program provided by Ontario Trillium Foundation


Yellow Brick House is pleased to offer an educational program called HEALTHY HOMES. Healthy Homes provides information and workshops to newcomers and immigrants to Canada about abuse and healthy relationships.

Program Objectives:

  • Education and Empowerment
  • Women’s Empowerment and community engagement
  • Leading communities towards a future free of abuse and violence
  • Provide meaningful options and resources for supports and services

Interested? We may be able to partner with you to offer workshops at no cost!

Download Healthy Homes Information Sheet

Please direct inquiries to:


The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration is supporting the funding for the Healthy Homes project.


Organizations may seek professional guidance regarding a variety of topics.

Examples of workshops and educational assistance facilitated by YBH Public Education are:

  • Assistance in the development of training for staff
  • Defining and recognizing workplace violence
  • Responding to disclosures by employees
  • Rights and responsibilities in relationships

Corporate workshops vary and may be developed to meet your organization’s needs.  To inquire further about how we can help, please contact mariel@yellowbrickhouse.org