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Healthy relationships don’t cause you physical or emotional harm

Love doesn’t hurt. Relationships, both romantic and platonic, are supposed to enrich your life.  If a relationship is causing you stress, upset, or physical harm, than it isn’t healthy.  A healthy relationship should bring much more joy and happiness to your life than any of the small moments of disagreement or upset.  We often hear “love hurts”, but the truth is, heartbreak hurts, loving someone who doesn’t love you back hurts, or loving the wrong person hurts.  The act of love itself does not hurt.  Love doesn’t hurt.

On occasion, love, power, attraction and passion get confused.  You may find yourself in an unhealthy and harmful relationship without knowing quite how you got there.  This February, in the run up to Valentines Day, we are sharing ‘14 Truths About Love’

14 Truths About Love

1 – Love doesn’t hurt

Love Doesn't Hurt

2 – Love doesn’t manipulate

love doesn't hurt

3 – Love doesn’t push you

Love Doesn't push

4 – Love doesn’t call twenty times when you are out with your friends


5 – Love doesn’t punch


6 – Love doesn’t tell you that you are crazy 


7 – Love doesn’t say “you made me do it”


8 – Love doesn’t make you choose them over your family


9 – Love doesn’t threaten


10 – Love doesn’t make you feel worthless


11 – Love doesn’t leave physical scars


12 – Love doesn’t use ‘passion’ as an excuse for violence 


13 – Love doesn’t act one way in public and another at home


14 – Love doesn’t get jealous of your friendships