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Urgently Needed – August 2015

Urgently  Needed – August 2015   School Supplies SK – Grade 12 (new)  Backpacks (new) Lunch bags (new) School snacks and juice boxes (new) Ziploc bags – all sizes (new) Baking Sheets (new or gently used) Kitchen Utensils such as can openers, sharp knives, cutlery etc. (new or gently used) Small Kitchen Appliances such as toasters, kettles etc. (new or gently used) […]

Urgently Needed – July 2015

Urgently  Needed – July 2015 – Pots (new or gently used) – Pans (new or gently used) – Baking sheets (new or gently used) – Cutlery (new or gently used) – Small Kitchen utensils (can openers, sharp knives, etc.) – Small Kitchen appliances (Toasters, Kettles etc.) – Towels for Bath, Body and Face (new) The school season is just […]

Urgently Needed – June 2015

Urgently  Needed – June 2015 Deodorant Bed Sheets (Twin and Doubles) Pillows Comforters (Twin and Double) Towels (Bath, Kitchen, Face and Hand) Feminine Hygiene Products Can Openers Cutlery Sets New Sharp Kitchen Knives Coffee Mugs Kettles/Tea Pots Summer Hats for Children 

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